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Testimonial for Coaching with CurVie Burton

For the past six months, I have had the privilege of receiving personal coaching from CurVie. It has been a very rewarding and enriching experience for me. This is significant because in the past, I have been skeptical of the value of personal coaching. I am grateful for having taken a step of faith and working through his “TheRoadB4U” coaching process.

When we began this coaching process, CurVie laid out three steps that he felt were necessary in my journey to success:

  1. Envision my future (Determine what success is)
  2. Develop a plan to get there (Map the course)
  3. Execute the plan (Follow the course)

As we have met over the last six months, I have followed CurVie’s template to envision my future and develop a plan to get there. During this process, CurVie has been extremely helpful and insightful in identifying my strengths and opportunities for improvement and using that information to shape my vision and plan. I feel that CurVie provides the right balance between encouraging me to look inward during this process as well as providing his own observations and insights. I believe this, along with his love of people, are his seminal strengths in coaching.

I very much look forward to continuing my coaching with CurVie as he guides and supports my efforts to execute the plan we have developed together.

Testimonial for Coaching with CurVie Burton

CurVie, Thanks for everything…I am feeling good about where our work together is going. I have seen significant breakthrough in clarity, direction and language due to our coaching sessions. I’m looking forward to working with you to refine my business goals for next year. This is exciting. Thanks for suggesting coaching.

Testimonial for Coaching with CurVie Burton

CurVie, thanks for coaching me over the past few years. Our interactions have been very valuable in helping me identify ways to continue developing professionally as well as personally. You ask insightful questions that encourage self-reflection on my goals, interests, strengths and opportunities. As a result of our interactions I have improved clarity and focus. CurVie, your suggestions for specific actions that I should take to expand my network and increase my visibility were instrumental in my most recent career move. I would not have gotten the opportunity without your nudging. I appreciate our relationship and look forward to our ongoing interactions.

Testimonial for Coaching with CurVie Burton

I have had the pleasure of working with CurVie over the last year and the experience has truly been a game changer. Our discussions have forced me to ask myself the tough questions and create a much more intentional career roadmap. His perspective, point of view and experience have provided me with the tools to position myself for breakthrough opportunities in my career, but have also grounded me in what truly matters to me and my family. It is not often that you find an opportunity to work with someone that is truly invested in your success, but it has been apparent with CurVie from our first discussion. I look forward to continuing our partnership and know that it will be instrumental in my future success.

Peer Review for CurVie Burton

CurVie demonstrates amazing ability to assist an individual to get to the core of the issue. Through strategic questioning and sound process, he demonstrates the ICF’s core structure thoroughly. Having worked with CurVie during my own accreditation process, I find him to be my personal go-to Coach when I need to develop insights.